All You need to know about the apple iWatch

download (2)By now, most people on this planet have heard about the apple iWatch. Some people think that it is a complete waste of time, while others believe that it is the greatest thing ever. However, not a lot of people have bothered to actually read a review of it and figure out what this gadget actually does, and just for those people, we have decided to present this iWatch to you, and tell you all you need to know about it.

Well, like any other product out there, this gadget also has some positive sides to it, as well as it has some negative sides to it. We will try to tell you about them, which should give you an idea about this Apple iWatch.

First, let’s start with the negative things that this product has. Well, first of all, the bad thing about this gadget is the fact that its battery only lasts a day, which is not that long. This means that you have to charge it every single day, and this can be a drag. Also, another bad thing here is the fact that the configuration costs a lot, as well as the entire iWatch; and not a lot of people have money to waste nowadays. Also, you need to have an iPhone to make it work; and not just any iPhone, it has to be at least iPhone 5! It should be added that the interface on this gadget is rather confusing.

Now, let’s move on to the positive sides of this gadget, and one of the most important ones of those is the design of this iWatch. We have to say that it was designed perfectly and looks download (3)3beautiful. It is really compact, which means that it won’t take too much of your space, nor will you ever be bored with it, because it has a lot of features. It has awesome programs, as well as hundreds of applications. Also, you can receive calls on it via your iPhone, and you can call people back. You can also edit the software using this icloud bypass tool.

And at the end, what is there left to say other than to agree that this is one of the most ambitious projects ever, but it would look that the humanity is still not quite there yet, because it has so much drawbacks. Perhaps in a couple of years, we’ll be able to work all these things out, and we’ll get the perfect iWatch.