How Does IT Support Work?

keep_in_touch_newIn this day and age, you really cannot live without the technology and all the gadget it provides. Therefore, no matter what kind of work do you do on your computer, you need some kind of support. And that is where the IT support comes into play. They help people out with their technological difficulties and try to do their best to prevent them and stop them from even taking place. But, how exactly do they do this?

Well, first of all, we need to say that the IT support usually gets divided into three groups – the first one is called “the break/fix group”, the second one “the pro-active group”, and the third one is called “the fully managed group”. Different users require different services, and these ones offer some that are not that similar. So, let’s see them.

“The break/fix group” is a group that is not that difficult to understand – if you have something that is broken (usually network-related), they fix it! They have IT engineers that determine the problems and establishes a diagnose, usually remotely. They can do this by phone, where they usually ask the common question of “Have you tried turning it on and off?”, or by internet, where they take control of your computer. Some of them even visit the users, but this usually only happens when a huge problem is taking place, and this service usually costs a lot.

This group is great for all those people or business that aren’t computer related, and don’t really require computer or network assistance throughout the day.

The second group is called “the pro-active group”, and it is quite different to the first one. This IT support that falls under this category monitors the health of your computer as well as your network or networks. It detects all kinds of problems, from low disk space on your computer, to a full network shutdown. This sends an alert to the IT company, and they start fixing the problem immediately.

This group of IT support companies is great for the business or people that use computers all the time and are heavily dependent on them. They need to minimize the potential damage, and so they hire these guys.

imagesAnd finally, “the fully managed group” is the top IT support group you can find. Here, you practically have your own IT manager who takes his time and takes care of your IT, setting aside all other duties. They do other work as well, such as replacing hardware and software, and they do it the quickest way possible.

This is a group employed usually by the people or businesses that don’t really want to bother with their own IT, and that wish the fastest response possible. However, this service is really expensive, and you also need to trust your IT manager immensely.

Many people have wondered with the IT support works, and now they know. “IT support” is a broad term, consisting of several different groups, and several different ways of action.