Top Tech Gadgets for 2015

We live in a constantly developing world, and it appears that every couple of days, a new thing appears for which the experts believe would completely revolutionize the way we live. However, such things are extremely rare, if we look at it objectively, but still, every now and then, there comes a gadget that the people just love and that changes thing at least a bit. Well, what we are going to present to you here are exactly those gadgets, or to put it simple – the top gadgets of the year of

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

As the very name of this gadget suggests, this is a successor to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge, but it differs from it mostly due to its bigger screen. It still has the same processor and the same RAM memory amount as its predecessor, but the bigger screen can be a great thing to all those that like that sort of stuff. Some people believe that this is just a cosmetic change, and therefore do not consider it to be a something new.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

This is the latest gadget when it comes to the Microsoft Surface Pro editions. It comes in two sizes, and also offers a quite different processor features than its predecessor has had. This is a great thing for all those that still want an iPad, but have come to the conclusion that Apple is just not as it once was.

Project Ara

Project Ara is a modular phone, and it should be noted that this is still a pilot; but nevertheless it is still a gadget that came out in 2015, and therefore it has found its place on this list. This is a type of phone that allows you to add different modules, and basically assemble your own phone just like a jigsaw puzzle.  Some people have already called it a “Lego phone”, and believe that it is a phone that has finally brought something new into the world of mobile phones.

HTC’s virtual headsetdownload (1)

This is something completely new. Well, it basically has to be due to the fact that not a lot of companies have tried their luck in virtual reality. HTC and Valve have worked together to bring you this headset, and we are glad to say that the reviews for it were extremely favorable, which makes us believe that this is going to be a huge thing.